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Planning a move with your pet in toll? Let our team of professional pet movers help you. Regardless of the destination, we can ensure a seamless and stress-free journey for your fur kid.

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Our Pet Relocation Services

Pampered Pets Relocation & Lodging’s pet moving service helps you to relocate your pet without any hassle. Our experience and knowledge with all the different regulations involved ensure the process goes smoothly so that you can focus on your own move.

Instead of having to deal with multiple parties yourself, you will have one point of contact. We will oversee the entire relocating process for you and provide regular updates.

    What Makes Us Different?

    Member of IPATA

    Pampered Pet Taxi is a member of IPATA, a worldwide network of pet relocation specialists and suppliers. It is one of only a handful pet transport companies in Singapore that passed the stringent membership requirements of the organization. By being a member of IPATA, our customers are assured that they receive not only world-class service but also access to the support of the best providers in the industry.

    Pampered Pets Relocation is also one of the Approved Pet Travel Specialist with QANTAS FREIGHT. 


    What Do Our Pet Moving Services Include?

    Our pet moving services include but are not limited to:

    • We provide door to door delivery
    • Provision of airline approved travelling cages in a variety of sizes
    • 5-star pet boarding accommodation
    • We pay close attention to the unique and specific needs of your pet
    • Handling pre-export documentation and transportation details
    • Working closely with your vet to cater to your pet’s requirements
    • Arranging your pet’s flight as well as transportation to and from the airport
    • Catering comfort stops for feeding, walking and other necessities
    • Quarantine arrangements
    • Visitation and exercise

    Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pet Mover

    Engaging help for your pet’s relocation ensures the process goes smoothly with minimal delay. Here are some of the best reasons for hiring a professional pet mover.

    Knowledgeable and Experienced

    Professional pet movers are experienced as they have handled all types of relocation cases. They will be able to advise you on key information that may not be easily available.

    These include:

    • List of airlines that are pet-friendly
    • Airline-approved crates and suitable crate size for your pet
    • Pet restrictions imposed by airlines
    • Most convenient flight itinerary
    • Documentation required


    Documentation and Paperwork

    Understanding and adhering to all the rules and regulations involved in a pet relocation by yourself can be confusing and tedious. Furthermore, any errors in the paperwork will result in delays.

    By engaging a professional pet mover, you will be able to simply follow the list of documentation needed for your pet’s relocation. Some pet movers even offer to handle them on your behalf.

    Cost of Pet Relocation Services

    We will always strive to be transparent about our rates to give you an accurate quotation based on your requirements.

    Why Choose Us?

    Pampered Pets Relocation and Lodging

    Experienced and Qualified Pet Mover

    Pampered Pets Relocation & Lodging has many years of experience in moving and relocating pets around the world. As one of the few members of IPATA in Singapore, we are constantly updated on any changes in each country’s import and export regulations.

    Furthermore, our credibility has established us as the official moving partner of the leading pet retail chain in Southeast Asia, Pet Lovers Centre.

    Your Pet’s Safety is Our Priority

    We love animals as much as you do. Therefore, our top priority for every relocation is making sure your pet is safe and receives personalised care and treatment.

    On top of taking all the necessary measures to ensure your pet’s safety, we also provide you with a direct line of communication to keep you constantly updated.


    From Our Visitors

    Finding Carol when we moved to Singapore was a life saver.

    Transporting our family pet from quarantine was effortless and efficient and when we needed to find someone to care for our pet during our holidays, she found a fellow pet lover to care for him. We were able to enjoy our holiday knowing he was happy and well cared for. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

    Annette Mclean

    It took 2 months to get Rocco back to us from Singapore (after one delay of 6 weeks). With all the changes and uncertainty it had been an axious wait to have him home.

    A big shout out to Pampered Pets (Carol Goh) and Pettraveller who handled the whole process for us and made it as painless as possible. Good luck to everyone waiting for a happy reunion.

    Mason KV

    My move to the UK was filled with stress, unexpected difficulties and endless hassle, but Carol’s incredible service and the support I received from Pampered Pets made at least one aspect of my experience hassle-free. I would highly recommend Carol of Pampered Pets. Not only was it the most competitive quote I received but the service was just outstanding. Don’t try and do this yourself. Pampered Pets has good connections around the world and makes sure your pets are looked after during the whole trip. I’m finally in the UK with my 2 cats and am very grateful to Carol for her efforts.

    Cavan Reilly

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